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Bio: Product Description
1.Brief introduction for small block making machine:
small block making machine is the new product that designed and developed by our company, it adopts platform vibration system and mould system. enforced feeding material, soil driver, and full-computer control work theory.According to different request and different raw material of the clients, Qsmall block making machine can form all kinds of simple block production line
2.Technical Parameters of the small block making machine:

Dimension of host machine 2850×2200×2850mm
Moulding area800×600mm
Moulding period15-20S
The size of the pallet940×830×20/25mm
Weight of the host machine6T
Host machine power32KW
Vibration force45KN
Mixer modelJS500
General water Consumption8T/every day
3. small block making machine samples, pls refer to
Size(LxWxH):mmPcs/Mould Pcs/ HrPcs/ 8 Hr
Our Services

·Sales manager cell number is 24hours available.
·Payment terms is flexible.
·Design the product according to your technical request.
·Our engineer is willing to help fixing the crane for you.
·Diversity products.
·Delivery on time.
·Warranty: 12 months.
·Trade Assurance Service.(Trade Assurance is a free payment protection service for buyers.
The service is offered by participating suppliers, and is designed to protect your payment if
·your order is not shipped on time, or if the pre-shipment product quality (optional) does not
·match the terms agreed on your contract.
·Your payment is protected up to 100% of an amount - agreed between you and the supplier - called the Trade Assurance Order Amount.)

Block Machine supplier
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