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BIG Problems with my CNC - johntimber - 21.07.2018


I use a GX -6060 CNC I have had the machine for a little over a year, and have had no problems until now. It appears that the X and Y axes are both working fine. But the Z axis has gone mad. If I set it up that zero is the bottom left corner. It starts correctly, but within a few seconds the Z axis does not respond and just cuts lower and lower into the work. I now use Aspire, but previously what software. I have tested it using different types of software, but with the same result. I move the Z axis down to the surface and then raise it instead of rising smoothly, now I can only say. 'lurches' Has anyone any ideas as to what is wrong. For example, it is a fault in the router, or it is like a fault in the electrical equipment within the machine.

Please help.

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